TMC - Children's Miracle Network Charity Event

TMC – Children’s Miracle Network Charity Event

Working with the MIX Morning Show crew - what a great bunch!!

Working with the MIX Morning Show crew – what a great bunch!!

This year I decided that it’s time for Restoring Memories Photography to start giving back a little more to the community by picking a charity to work with for the year. Sure, we’ve helped with small fundraisers, helped with children’s schools and offered donations to help with certain charities. But, this year I decided that it’s time to start a new tradition. Starting 2015 I wanted to adopt a charity for the year. This would consist of volunteering my photographic services and time so that these charities don’t need to spend their much needed funds on a photographer. They can then chose to use these photos to promote their cause and for any other purposes that they need within reason.

This year I reached out to the TMC Foundation of Tucson Medical Center. I chose this charity because they are not-for-profit and all of the funds that they raise stay in Tucson 100%. I reached out to my contact and offered her my services for 2015. Her first response was “Oh my goodness, can you do a job on short notice? We have a 2 day event planned for Thursday (tomorrow!!) and Friday of this week and we need a photographer!” So, I put the event in my calendar and made it happen!

The event that they had planned was working with the Children’s Miracle Network and the 94.9 MIX Fm morning show with Bobby Rich, Mrs. Grant and Greg Curtis. They were doing a radiothon which consisted of 2 days of intense fund raising for their charity to help the children’s unit at TMC. All the money that they were raising was going towards various supplies that are much needed. One thing that really sets TMC apart from the rest is that they go out of their way to make the children comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable atmosphere. They strive to make is less scary for the little ones and I could tell by meeting everyone (Both at the hospital and the folks with the radio station) that they genuinely cared about these children and their families. The MIX Morning Show crew were amazing, too. They showed amazing compassion and a true love and passion for this cause – and it showed!

Throughout the radiothon 94.9 MIX Fm interviewed various families to tell their stories of TMC and how they are associated with them. There were stories that ranged from a little girl that had a surgery and had to stay there for 5 days, to the little boy that has had over 60 surgeries, to the 9 year old little girl that went to bed feeling fine and woke up paralyzed that had to remain in a medical coma as celebrated her 9th birthday as they treated her and has been in the hospital for the past couple of months (She sang “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer” yesterday morning during her interview!) I saw for myself that TMC really does save lives, touch hearts and truly does work miracles.

They had a line up of volunteers that answered phones to take pledges and they would ring a cowbell every time someone made a pledge. The enthusiasm and energy were astounding! The money raised went towards so many great things! I saw money raised for “Sleeper Chairs” (these are so parents can stay the night in the room with their child that is in the hospital), “Billy Blankets” (these are blankets that jaundice babies can be wrapped in that treats the jaundice while being cuddled by their parents), red wagons to transport the kiddos to their procedures, ceiling scenes (so that kids can look at something interesting on the ceiling as they lay down), booster seats (that they donate back to the community), NICU beds and so, so much more!!

Although the radiothon is done for 2014, TMC still needs donations to fund their projects for our families. All they ask is for a pledge of $15 per month or whatever can possibly be donated. If you can spare some money ($15 per month really isn’t much more that going out to lunch or grabbing a couple of coffees per month) or a donation of any amount, please visit the website to give a miracle:



By the way – I didn’t get paid anything to say any of this; I’m only doing this because I really do believe in this cause 🙂

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