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Photo Restoration Project – damaged nose & moldy spots!

Photo Restoration Project

A few days back I had a funny encounter involving a photo restoration project. I was at my studio on my day off and had only planned on being there for about half an hour. While wrapping up my project, I heard someone try to open the studio door. I wasn’t expecting anyone, but opened the door any way. In the doorway stood this little, older lady with a framed 16×20 print. She hands the print to me and says, “I need you to fix this.” I take a look at it and part of the mom’s nose and teeth is missing and the image has a ton of little mold spots. So, I worked up an estimate and she gave me the ok to continue with the project.

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I worked as a restoration artist for quite a long time and absolutely LOVED doing restoration work – so this was a huge treat for me! Whenever I get to work on a damaged photograph, it’s like a meditation session for me. It involves a different type of creativity that I truly love to tap into. Well, today she picked up the final piece and she was absolutely ecstatic! She thanked me repeatedly and told me how the image was “just perfect.” Then she went on to say that she was just meant to meet with me to do this project for her that she had been waiting 30 years to take care of – she felt that a higher power had brought us together! She was the sweetest person and I really hope to deal with her more in the future.

If you or anyone you know needs a photograph restored, please give them my info – I would be honored to be able to restore their memories for them!

Original Color_final

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